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Sabina Negrete

Daiki Suzuki: Baracuta’s New Creative Director Integrates his Multicultural Identity to Each Garment

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Since the creation of the G9 Harrington jacket in the 1930s, Baracuta has always been a brand with a certain timelessness to it. The British brand began as a sportswear company, hence the G in Baracuta’s iconic G9, which stands for Golf. Throughout the years Baracuta has now expanded its clientele and dived into the streetwear market, whilst still incorporating its traditional background within every garment.

The brands’ new creative director Daiki Suzuki was raised in New York City, where he founded his own brand Engineered Garments during 1999. A brand that focuses on classic tailoring as well as sports and workwear, much like Baracuta’s fashion trajectory. The American/Japanese designer has used his background as a key characteristic in Baracuta’s newest collections, incorporating his identity with the brands aesthetic.

Daiki Suzuki’s aim with Baracuta’s new path centred around disrupting the more traditional men’s garments, by transforming them into more useful pieces, as well as modernizing them. This is exactly what he did with his first collection at Baracuta. The Four Climes Capsule collection creates a merge between cultures, the collection concentrates in the quality of its materials, allowing the buyer access to the brands garments in macro tartan printed cotton, denim, the Baracuta cloth and Solaro fabric.

The combination of culture, materials, and style allows for a more interesting aesthetic with each piece in the collection being unique in its own way. By using innovative concepts such as these, Daiki has been able to create something completely new for the brand.

For Daiki, using high quality materials is one of the most important elements of this collection. According to the designer each garments must have a really good functionality and integrate with each user. With this collection Suzuki incorporated denim with the purpose of adding some American flair to each denim garment. The designer also created his own interpretation of the Derby jacket for Baracuta, with similarities to the original G9 Harrington jacket, as an ode to the brands past. All garments in this collection have been constructed with attention to detail, ensuring they will last for years to come.

Baracuta Four Climes Collection

The Four Climes Capsule collection featured reworked versions of the iconic British brand’s most popular pieces, such as the G9 Harrington jacket and the Fraser Tartan print. Daiki gave these classic pieces a modern touch by adding oversized silhouettes and asymmetrical pockets to the G9 jacket, as well as soft quilted lining to resemble an American Ma1 Aviator Jacket. He also introduced a deconstructed parka to the collection that incorporated the Fraser Tartan print. All of this allowed Baracuta to keep its signature style while giving it a more modern streetwear twist thanks to Daiki Suzuki's innovative approach.

Baracuta’s Four Climes Collection designed by Daiki Suzuki. Photographed by Sabukaru

In an interview with HYPEBEAST, when asked about the collections’ identity Daiki Suzuki responded:

“What excited me about the collaboration is that there is an international mix-up within the project. A respected British brand run by a respected Italian company designed by a Japanese designer with American experience. It is a new international standard.
The style is very universal and I personally would wear it over a suit or a blazer for a change. I would love to re-imagine and work on the G4 or G10 which are just as classic.”

The Baracuta brand has long been associated with multiculturalism in fashion. From its inception, the brand has been driven by innovation and experimentation, creating styles that are both timeless and modern.

Emphasizing on the creative directors’ freedom to create something alongside Baracuta, that truly represented multiculturalism in modern times. The American/Japanese designer captured the brands history beautifully, while redirecting the brand into casual wear for everyone. Daiki Suzuki created a range of clothing that fuses together traditional British style with Japanese streetwear influences, as well as other international references. His designs are bold yet subtle, embracing classic shapes while adding modern twists and details.

Baracuta’s emphasis on multiculturalism has allowed it to remain relevant in today’s ever-changing fashion landscape. Its collections continue to celebrate cultural diversity through unique design elements and materials while still staying true to its roots as a British heritage brand. By embracing multiculturalism in its designs, Baracuta is able to create pieces that are truly timeless.